Young fresh faced boys Bjorn Nykvist and Luke Volta fuck like a couple of wild animals

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Staxus says: Bjorn Nykvist and Luke Volta wanted to do a one-off, no-strings-attached performance for Staxus, something of a novelty for us as a studio, but an idea that we were keen to investigate when the boys initially approached us.
As a result, we headed off to the local sauna, where Volta made his way to the hot room; whilst Nykvist made straight for the pool for a swim. All the introductions over, and having spent some time playing in the water, the two buddies make their way to a private room, where Volta immediately gets down on his knees to give Nykvist’s now rock-hard shaft a clearly much-needed gobbling.
Not that Nykvist is averse to providing head for a handsome shaft, a fact that’s nicely underlined when the two lads reverse positions. What’s more, it doesn’t take very long before Volta’s attention is centring on his buddy’s tight little pucker, which he promptly begins to finger in anticipation of getting his swollen dick nicely embedded shortly afterwards.
An ambition that’s achieved with comparative ease, it has to be said; signalling the start of a truly terrific set-piece that will almost certainly have you tugging at your cock like a being possessed. Certainly neither fellows show any inhibitions as they rut like a couple of wild animals.
It’s not at all surprising that it doesn’t take long before they’re both reaching the point of no return, with Nykvist creaming himself whilst sat on his buddy’s lap, and Volta responding in kind with a generous wad of baby-batter that leaves Nykvist with some tired (but very sticky) fingers.





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