Eddie jerks his big cock and fingers his tight straight ass hole


Spunk Worthy says: Eddie moved to San Diego recently for college. And, while he was out here, decided to take the dive into doing porn.

Apparently, this decision didn’t come as much of surprise to the friend he told about it. Eddie is a bit of an exhibitionist, sometimes jerking off in public places just to put on a free show for onlookers. Stroking one out on camera seemed like a natural leap, and something he’d thought about for a while.

Eddie also has a “fluid” sexuality and, as you’ll see in the behind-the-scenes video coming out next week, thinks the idea of servicing another guy would be hot. “Or getting serviced,” he added.

While we were shooting this video, Eddie suddenly reached down and started fingering his hole. A nice surprise. He said it usually makes him cum harder.

No doubt that it did the load he shot out flew up and missed his face by only an inch or two.


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Spunk Worthy says: For a guy who normally jerks off 5 times a day, I didn’t quite expect the explosive load Hugh was packing. And he’s a vocal one. As I worked his cock up to an intense finish, Hugh’s whole body clenched up and stream after stream of cum coated his chest.


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Spunk Worthy Dominic's happy ending massage

Spunk Worthy says: Dominic was no stranger to happy-ending massages. He’d gotten a few in recent years, forking over a couple hundred bucks a pop.
Those, of course, were all from women. So when he asked about doing another shoot and I dropped the idea of getting one from a guy (me), he thought about it for a day or two and decided to give it a shot.
“The tables are turned this time,” he said with a hint of irony. Not only was it his first rub down from a guy, but the money would be heading into his wallet, rather than out.
Remembering how much Dominic got off by fingering himself, I made a point of paying attention to his hole when things got going. A finger up his ass was just the trigger to make Dominic’s cock spring to attention, so I grabbed a small dildo to give that a try on him.
Dominic was pretty quiet during the shoot aside from a few moans as I slid the dildo inside him. Somehow, I got the impression that he was holding back from showing “too much” enjoyment. That all changed quickly.
I grabbed the dildo and slipped it up his ass one more time. Dominic let out a deep breath and, ramping up the tempo of stroking his cock, within a minute (literally) he was shooting cum all over his stomach and off the side of the table.

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Straight young hunk Aydan strips and jerks his big hard uncut dick to a massive load of jizz

Spunk Worthy says: Aydan and a buddy of his decided to head west from their snowy state and ended up in San Diego a few weeks ago. Aydan, seeming to be more of the guy to throw caution to the wind between the two of them, decided he’d give porn a shot. “When in Rome…”

Somehow he got pretty lucky and landed his first shoot with a girl (I don’t know the name of the site, so no need to email asking), but knew he could make some extra money doing a solo shoot. That’s when he started Googling around and our paths crossed.

Aydan was hard to read when he showed up. He seemed a little “distant” and had a bit of a bad-boy demeanor at first, but once his clothes were on the floor he was rarin’ to go. His cock was hard in seconds, he’s got quite the long shaft with just a hint of foreskin. And he was totally comfortable, maybe even turned on, with the cameras pointed at him.

When he got the go-ahead, Aydan really got to work on his dick. Along with some heavy breathing and moaning “Oh, fuck”, he built up to a load that pulsed out and ran down his hand and cock.

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Straight stud Landon’s back for a fingering and ass rimming we never thought he would


Spunk Worthy says: Landon’s back with a new buzz cut. After his “solo” shoot, I hit Landon up about doing a massage video. He seemed a little uncertain about it at first, telling me that he’d never gotten one before. He’s an open-minded guy, though, and I’m sure the cash didn’t hurt in pushing things along.

Lying face down on the massage table, Landon’s perky butt was hard to ignore. My hands worked their way down from his back, just passing his ass cheeks at first, to eventually spreading his legs open and exposing his lightly-hairy hole. Who could resist planting their tongue down there? I certainly couldn’t.

The night before about the shoot, I had asked Landon if he’d ever done any ass play, to which he said he hadn’t. He’d heard that guys sometimes like it, so I casually mentioned that maybe we’ll try it during the shoot and got a non-committal reply.

Since rimming him didn’t send him running, I poured some lube onto his hole and plunged a finger inside him. Landon’s reaction was only to grab the sides of the table and arch his ass up; I guess he liked it. Landon flipped over to give his front side some attention.

Almost on cue, his dick suddenly got rock hard. I oiled up his chest, making sure to tease his cock with some slow passes of my hands. Since there didn’t seem to many boundaries so far and again, who could resist, I bent down and gave his cock a taste. That just made him get harder.

After finishing the rest of a full rub-down of his body, my focus went to his throbbing shaft that was waiting to explode. And the build-up was intense. Landon was writhing on the table, thrusting his hips toward my mouth.

I tweaked his nipples a couple times which seemed to push him right over the edge. Gasping, Landon covered his abs in cum and sent a massive squirt flying toward his chest. “Wow,” he said in amazement, “I never shoot that far.” Something tells me the finger I had up his ass had something to do with that. Wink wink!


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Spunkworthy Drew's massage

Spunk Worthy says: Drew’s only experiences with happy ending massages were limited to basically foreplay. Not that he hadn’t hoped for more when he’d gone in for a “regular” massage in the past; it just didn’t seem to be in the cards.
When I told him he could get one here, and make some money doing it, he gave it some thought and decided to take the leap. He’d never done anything with a guy before, so I asked how he was feeling about it.
“I’m just going with the flow,” he replied in a nonchalant tone. But he admitted that the cash certainly helped grease the wheels.
Whatever his motivation, Drew’s cock was on board for the ride. After a few tugs it sprung into its full glory. And having saved up for 2 days before the shoot, there’s no wonder why Drew was ready for some release.
With massage oil dripping off his balls, I ramped up the tempo until Drew’s face gave away the goal that was about to be made.
“I’m gonna fucking cum… here it comes”
Drew’s stomach was spattered with dabs of thick jizz that left him breathless, but a broad grin grew on his face a few seconds later.
“I’m much happier now,” he said with a laugh.

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Spunk Worthy’s Landon gets a surprise handjob he’s overcome with cum


Spunk Worthy says: Landon is a 22 year old southern boy who a buddy introduced to me. He (Landon) recently got out of the military and wanted to dabble in porn to make some cash before looking for a “real” job.

Landon is a pocket-sized guy, standing at 5′ 7″, with a a larger-than-life personality and a tight bod that came from years of wrestling in high school. It was interesting to hear that he was actually a little nervous about his first time doing a solo shoot.

He’d told a couple people about his new venture in front of the camera, including his dad and another buddy who Landon said was a little jealous about it. His girlfriend, though, does not know and he wasn’t sure how she’d react if/when she found out.

Even with a GF, Landon still finds time to rub a couple out every day, depending on when he gets started: if the first time is early in the day, he’ll jack off 3 or 4 times, saying that it just puts him in the mood all day.

Being in the military, of course, he’s snuck off to bust a nut just about everywhere; once even with a buddy.

“A close friend of mine,” he said with a smirk. “We were sitting around, shooting the shit and talking about porn. One thing lead to another and kinda ended up watching the same flick.”

Once the initial nerves wore off, Landon seemed to get into showing off his dick. He certainly didn’t have any trouble keeping it hard. And since he told me he’d never measured it before, there was the opportunity I couldn’t possibly pass up to pull out the measuring tape.

Landon didn’t seem to mind at all when I held onto his cock and lubed him up. His gaze drifted back and forth from the porn playing in the background and down to his dick getting stroked.

After a few minutes, Landon’s eyes squeezed shut and he pressed his head into the pillow. Before I knew it, his cock was spewing cum all over my hand.


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Spunkworthy Avery bareback fucks Chase tight muscle asshole

Spunk Worthy says: Putting Avery and Chase together in a shoot was far from a random decision. Not exactly a “sneaky” pairing, but a calculated one, for sure.
Chase had mentioned that his girlfriend used a strap-on to fuck him recently. No big surprise that he liked it. If you’ve watched any of his other scenes, you probably noticed how turned on he got with a finger up his ass.
Avery, on the other hand, had been asking about what other scenes he could do and seemed open to taking things up a notch. With Chase just about to leave on a long deployment, the timing was spot on to get them together and see what transpired.
Once they were both naked and hard, it just took a little motivation (read: money) to set things off and running. Comparing cock sizes lead to some mutual jerking until the big guns were revealed and Chase agreed to take Avery’s big dick – his first time getting fucked by a guy.
Avery had to take it slow when he first slipped it in Chase’s ass, but as they say, “Hard dicks don’t lie.” Chase’s cock was so hard I thought it might break off as Avery made his way inside.
The rest of the shoot was almost on auto-pilot as Chase suggested different positions and Avery gladly went along with the ride. Avery pounded Chase’s hole until pulling out and blowing his load, shortly followed by Chase who shot all over his stomach.

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Straight football jock Chewy jerks his huge dick to a massive spurt of cum

Spunk Worthy says: Oh, boy, was Chewy ever nervous about this shoot. If you’ve been following his previous scenes, you know he had just discovered that he really liked showing off his bod in front of the cameras, but wasn’t too sure about taking the next step. When I assured him that he just had to lay on the massage table, close his eyes and fantasize about whatever he wanted, he decided to give it a shot.
Chewy had never done anything with a guy before. “Not even close,” he said as he nervously fidgeted when things got going. Having just barely gotten out of high school, it’s not too surprising. This football jock was going for a long pass today.
The tension was pretty obvious when my hands went from his shoulders down to his ass. His muscular butt cheeks clenched up when I reached to coax his cock from beneath him. He relented after a minute, giving his furry hole a quick expose.
Chewy’s front side was all fair game, though. After only a few quick tugs, he was hard as a rock. We even had to stop at one point ‘cos he was getting so close to cumming. Between that little edit I asked what he was thinking about, one of his high school teachers, of course. Dirty boy.
Since this was his first time get stroked by another guy, Chewy (wisely) saved up for the shoot. But with five whole days of cum stored in his nuts, I just knew we were in for a very grand finale.
And the jizz flew big time, shooting over his shoulder, hitting his hair and beard along the way, and covering his whole chest in sticky goodness.

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Good looking straight dude Fitz strips naked revealing a big thick 7 inch dick beneath those baggy clothes

Spunk Worthy says: Fitz is a South Californian from the Midwest. He and his big brother moved to San Diego a number of years ago somewhat on a whim. He’s been adapting well, describing himself as “a bit of a beach bum,” and actively pursuing the female crowd, he’s straight obviously.
When I asked how long he’d been considering joining the ranks of the amateur porn star, he joked that it had been in the back of his mind the moment he first set eyes on his first porn flick. Only recently had he decided to get serious and make the leap. He hasn’t told anyone else about it, not his mates or family. In fact most of his friends would be most surprised to hear about him getting naked for the camera.
Fitz has played just about every sport going, that explains his good body shape. In the last month or so he decided to start really hitting the gym. Unlike a lot of guys, though, he said that he normally wears baggy clothes to hide his physique.
“It gives an extra bonus when I do hook up with someone and they see me naked,” he explained to me off camera.
I’m sure his thick 7 inch dick is an even bigger extra, extra bonus. Oh yeah the girls squeal with delight on sight.
When the cameras were fired up, it took a minute for Fitz to get warmed up to them. But you can almost see when the switch got flicked and he let out his inner pornstar. Check out how he tried to hold back the smiles when he really got going. Fitz was definitely having some fun showing off his bod.
Fitz said he normally jacks off 2-3 times a day, sometimes getting up to six on his days off of work. He didn’t say how long it’d been before the shoot, but the load was a healthy one that shot up to his chest.

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