My ass has never been fucked this good

Sketchy Sex says: My ass has never been fucked this good and my roomie recorded everything.

Every guy that came into our apartment was seriously hung. The loads just kept cumming.


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The Neighborhood Cums


Sketchy Sex says: Was up all night, texting and messsaging anyone I could, just begging for a load. It had been almost eight hours since my last dick. I was losing it. I offered up my ass to one of the roommates hookups. Big mistake! My roomie knocked me down to the ground. I woke up duct-taped to the kitchen cabinets, everybody was taking turns on my hole. The guys posted to craigslist offering up my ass to everyone. Dick after dick, hot load after hot load. I couldn’t take it all. The dicks just kept cumming and cumming.



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Monster Cock

Sketchy Sex says: The other night, Jacque and his monster cock wondered into my bedroom. I grabbed the cam and shot this fucking hot vid. After dropping a couple loads in my hole, he wondered around the house again, until he found Josh, and pounded his ass on the stairwell while Eli begged for it on the living room couch.

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Eli and Nate


Sketchy Sex says: Eli got so cock hungry he was fucking himself with a coca-cola bottle. While Nate had a lineup outside of random online hookups. We don’t allow loitering here, we just ask that you dump your loads and get out. Unless you got 9+ then you can do whatever the fuck you want.



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Bareback cum slammer with Brett Bradley, Sam Truitt, Nicoli Cole, Seamus O’Reilly and Drake Tyler


Sketchy Sex says: Drake Tyler is hungrier for cum than everyone on this fucking planet. If he got fucked 50 times a day it probably still wouldn’t be enough. His big dick cum addiction has official taken over. It’s bad even I’m stuffing my load up his sloppy hole together with Brett Bradley, Sam Truitt, Nicoli Cole and Seamus O’Reilly.



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