High School football coach straight stud Jim strips out of his tight sexy Diesel undies jerking his huge cock

Island Studs says: Coach Jim is a real all American Norwegian high school football and wrestling coach in Oregon, a father of 2, who was encouraged by his wife to model nude and jerk off today for the very first time on camera.

He nervously exposes his many talents: strips out of his “coaching clothes” revealing his recently sun kissed muscle body, lowers his super tight diesel undies to moon the camera revealing his bright red sun burnt bubble butt, proudly poses and flexes his big biceps and ripped upper back muscles.

Jim strokes his long cock into a towering belly slapper as his solid pecs bounce up and down as he jerks, instructs us in a full nude gym workout session on the deck in the sun, first pumping up his big biceps and then turning his muscle butt to the camera to adjust the weights and perform bent over rows with his big cum filled balls dangling between his open hairless ass crack.

He then takes a loud powerful piss in an orange bucket, repeatedly shows off his armpits, before sitting in a chair outdoors beside the forest for a long sweaty jerk off session, shakes and quakes releasing an amazing full body orgasm as he busts a creamy load of coach sperm.

Then catch Jim taking a hot soapy shower, again opening his muscle butt cheeks a second time, as he cleans his sweaty manhole, all for the first time on film. Imagine watching coach Jim all wet and soapy, showering in the locker room with the high school football team he coaches.

What a high school locker room fantasy. This real university football jock attended asu in Tempe, Arizona before moving to the Pacific Northwest to become a full time coach and personal trainer.

We spotted big daddy Jim, at a public nudist beach, fully nude, beside a river, instructing his young daughters, age 2 and 3, how to toss and catch a junior size football, while his wife relaxed in a beach chair watching her family play.

What a sexy, open minded young daddy enjoying the sun and naked sports with his family out in public.

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22 year old surfer boy Shane with a monster 9 inch cock jerks off at Island Studs

Island Studs says: Horse hung Shane, the 22 year old straight surfer boy with the monster 9″ cock, is back for more naked surfing in hawaii. Lean and lanky with a tight smooth surfer body, shane loves being naked outdoors in the sun. If you like watching a real young surf stud paddling out to catch some waves balls out naked on a public beach, this video is for you. Shane loves surfing nude. Laid back sexy shane spends most every day on the beach surfing, skateboarding and waterfall climbing.

He still likes jumping off rocks & cliffs into the open ocean as he did with his best friend ricky, but now he is sporting shorter hair. Shane’s new buzz cut is a classic young surfer look. This athletic beach stud still has never trimmed his thick bushy black pubic hair. A full shaggy shane bush surrounds his amazing thick man cock. It is so hot to see a skinny surf boy with a gigantic fat man dick. Shane’s fat 9 inch cock will gag you.

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Young horny Chang is back with his full bush o dark pubic hair jerks his cock underwater

Island Studs says: Young horny Hawaiian/Chinese banana plucker Chang is back, showing off his full bush of dark Asian Hawaiian dick hair, rock hard belly slapping cock as he works in the garden wearing only his heavy work boots, pees outdoors fully naked, skinny dips in the blue waters of the swimming pool, spreads his smooth virgin boy butt wide open while floating on a raft in the sun, before busting a huge load of cum all over his rough hands and cock.
Follow cute Chang into the water as he jerks underwater, swims like a fish and once again spreads his virgin hole wide open. This polite, shy soft spoken Pacific Island boy has an amazing thick full bush of cock hair surrounding his throbbing brown Chinese farm boy cock.

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Circus performer and fire dancer Kreature is a young sexy lad with 8 pack abs

Island Studs says: Circus performer and fire dancer, Kreature is a happy, friendly, stylish young lad with a tight ripped 8 pack abs smooth body, cute virgin boy butt who works out in the garden fully hard, spins poi and performs handstands totally nude.
He instructs us how he uses circus toys with his balls out, walks around outdoors with a boner, pees in the garden before moaning loudly as he shoots massive creamy loads for the first time on film.
Kreature has never performed with his circus toys naked or jerked off on a camera… until today. This cute, free-spirited, friendly, athletic twink with a smooth tight dancer’s body and an amazing smooth BOY BUBBLE BUTT loves pleasing people with his “bag of tricks” and loves the camera.
In this unique performance video from Island Studs listen to Kreature, 23, 5’6″ 130 lbs talk about his “small heavy duty model” body and his shaggy stylish dyed head hair.
Watch as this sexy twink strips out of his Circus hat, vested clothes and then his flops is yummy boy cock and balls out of his sexy skimpy red underwear and strokes his cock to full erection.
Listen to him explain all the tattoos on his fine athletic body while fully naked stroking himself. Traveling with the Circus, he got his ink all over the world from South America to Venice Beach, California.

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Watch as this sexy surf dad Tadman as he spreads his sun burned butt wide open and strokes his rock hard cock


Island Studs says: Rugged handsome 42 year old furry California surfer Tadman says in a deep seductive mature voice as he walks fully nude past other beach goers toward the ocean carrying his surfboard.

Tadman exposes his lick-able sunburned muscle daddy man butt for all to see as he walks into the water on the public beach in Hawaii.

Surf dad Tadman is totally comfortable showing everyone on the public beach his naked, tan, athletic body and wide white big daddy butt.

Furry surfer Tadman is just so sexy to watch, paddling out on his long board with his super white man butt fully exposed, shining in the bright afternoon sun.

After his naked surf session, Tadman lays out in the sun fully naked on the sand to relax as people walk by – all caught on video here.

Watch as this sexy surf dad spreads his sun burned butt wide open and strokes his rock hard cock between his tan thighs.


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Island Studs naked football hunks 9 inch cock jock Austin and 8 inch Israeli military beef Eyal

Island Studs says: If you have ever wanted to see two straight muscle jocks playing sports naked outside on a popular nudist Hawaiian beach, naked football with hung 9 inch cock jock Austin and 8 inch Israeli military beef, Eyal challenge each other to a sweaty, masculine Football session on a Public Nude Beach in Hawaii.
Feast your eyes on these two gorgeous models: Bubble Butt Austin and Muscle Butt Eyal as a they strut their stuff OUT IN PUBLIC for all to see. Eyal, the tan Israeli Army bodybuilder with the BIG UPPER body and HUGE cock and balls is NOT shy about being photographed naked with his horse hung college football buddy Austin.
Watch him as he plays with his big cock and nut sack WHILE he throws and catches the ball with his roommate Austin.

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18 year old, skater boy Lyle show off his thick hairy pubic bush


Island Studs says: 18 year old, skater boy Lyle is back, showing off his fantastic, uncut foreskin as he skates in his High School’s skate park in fully naked in public in the morning sun.

This horny high school twink caresses his big hairy ball sack as he strokes his thick uncut cock, then he works naked in the garden as our nudist house boy. When horny Lyle strips off his skater shorts, we get to see his perfectly smooth, tight athletic body and a full bush of soft dick hair, surrounding his beautiful, uncut cock.

With a laugh and a sweet, playful, young boy smile Lyle grabs his skateboard in one hand and his big, beautiful, uncut, throbbing, boy boner in the other and begins to stroke this thick cock with pleasure. Dick hair lovers will appreciate that skater boy Lyle has never trimmed his thick bush of All American dick hair.


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19 year old Surfer Kelly is a cute horny California boy with a hairy chest


Island Studs says: Surfer Kelly, is a cute 19 year old horny California boy with a furry chest and cock, a sweet white ass he spreads wide open while floating naked on his surfboard, before busting a big load of jizz all over his furry belly and onto his smiling young face and lips.

After his nudist house work, all recorded here, Kelly climbs onto his surfboard in the pool and begins to jerk his beautiful surfer cock in the sun.

The sports action cam glides between Kelly’s thighs underwater, as this sexy athlete sits on his own surfboard and spreads his legs wide exposing his hairy ass hole and his heavy nuts and cock.

After drying off beside the pool, Kelly brings his surfboard into the bedroom and climbs onto the big bed and begins to stroke his cock beside his water toy.


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Tall 6’3″ Emilio take his 8 inch out of his underwear and jerks it till he explodes spraying cum all over himself

Island Studs says: Tall 6’3″ hung hapa Hawaiian surfer boy Emilio is back, showing off his a tight all-natural smooth tan boy-body, nice bush of dark Asian Hawaiian dick hair, big ball sack and a big thick ‘always’ hard 8 inch towering belly slapper.

He strokes his big fat Hawaiian boner sticking out of his grey boxer briefs, takes a long piss in the garden, stands jerking his throbbing red cock with a Hawaiian Flower Lei wrapped around his erection like a cock ring and one dangling around his sexy neck.

Emilio skinny drips in the pool fully nude like a dolphin underwater all caught on film, floats on a pool raft in the sun, grabs his sweet ass cheeks with both hands and spreads them wide open, 3 times, revealing his pink smooth virgin surfer butt hole.

He sits in a chair outside jerking is Big Fat Dick once again wearing a Lei around his throbber and fingers his hole, before shooting an explosive load of cum at the camera. He orgasms on the lawn between his big tan bare-feet while wearing a Hawaiian Lei around his neck and a finger planted up his ass, before taking a ‘Hawaiian Shower” outside with the garden hose.

We follow this super Horny Hung Hapa Hawaiian surfer twink UNDERWATER as he plays, jerks and swims like a fish and shows his hole all while holding his breath under water. This is Emilio’s very first time jerking off solo on camera and his sweet friendly personality and anal cum shot will excite you. This video is even more hot then Emilio’s first sexy outdoor duo with his Hung Hapa Hawaiian Surf Bro Maka.

If you missed the pounding HOT Duo Action of Maka & Emilio playing, laughing, sweating and stroking their massive cocks together, join today to see it all the unedited action! Tall, friendly Emilio, 20, a towering 6’3″, 175lbs exudes the welcoming Aloha Spirit of Hawaii.

A true Hapa, this happy friendly Hawaiian local is half Filipino and half Swiss, Irish & German American. He can be found working at a beach shop by the ocean selling swimsuits and beach gear to tourists.

Image walking into a seaside beach store to be greeted by naked Emilio and his winning Aloha personality wearing nothing but a Hawaiian Lei around his perfect cock. Emilio arrives for the shoot wearing a “Star Wars” T- shirt and a baseball cap covering his shaggy head hair. A big Star Wars Fan: listen to him talk about his favorite “Star Wars” episodes.

He gets and spontaneous boner while still wearing his pants as soon as we turn the cameras on him! Watch as he pulls his thick hard throbbing 8 inch cock out of his underwear at the beginning of the film and starts to stroke it in the garden.

This Horny Happy Hawaiian lad, with the radiant smile, is hard during most of this new jerk off video. fat dick Emilio, then strips out of his boxers, still fully hard and picks up 2 Hawaiian Leis and wraps one around his huge cock and balls and places the other around his smooth neck.

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Michigan farm boy Evan jerks out a huge cum load


Island Studs says: “I like watching lesbian porn” Evan says with a big bright mid-western farm boy smile, as he jerks his perfect boy cock before he spreads his virgin boy butt wide open while floating on a pool raft in the sun, pisses and then busts an explosive fountain of boy juice for the very first time on film.

Feast your eyes on every inch of Evan’s smooth naked body from underwater as he skinny dips, fondles his nuts and jerks his cock and spreads his hairy ass cheeks wide open yet again, revealing a super pink open boy hole – all caught on video with island studs’ unique underwater sports action cam.

There is nothing sexier than watching this Michigan farm boy open and close his ass cheeks for us to see the tuft of blond boy hair surrounding his virgin hole. This cute horny lad sits down outside in the garden to jerk his hard cock and plays with his hairy nut sack.

Evan really takes his time in this film, playfully jerking his perfect young cock and stroking his furry balls.


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