Hottie black muscle stud Danny Vega strips naked wanking his big ebony dick till he explodes cum across his chest

Bentley Race says: When my new mate Cristian couldn’t make the first day we scheduled a shoot, he sent over his friend Danny instead. Danny Vega is a 26 year old Venezuelan living in Europe. He was also visiting Berlin while I was on vacation there during Christmas.

I hadn’t seen Danny but trusted Cristian that he would be sending a nice guy over. Well I was really surprised when we met down Danny down in the hotel lobby. He’s a little shorter than me and a really stocky muscly boy. He quickly stripped down for the shoot when we got up into my room.

I knew right away when he started laughing and joking with me that this was going to be a fun shoot. I’m not sure why this shoot starts with Danny having no pants on. I think I was just racing to get him naked.

I got some great photos of Danny stripping and showing off his muscles and big cock in the window. He made a pretty hot jack off video too.

I gotta say it was a nice surprise having Danny fill in for his mate on this shoot.

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Bentley Race: Muscle Boy David Sweet in and out of his Speedos

Bentley Race Muscle Boy David Sweet in and out of his Speedos DavidSweet download full movie torrents and gay porn photo gallery Bentley Race: Muscle Boy David Sweet in and out of his Speedos

While we were in Budapest last month we were lucky to meet up with local porn star and hottie David Sweet.   David had come by to drop his mate Junior off for a shoot.   While Junior disappeared in to the other room David and I had our own little impromptu shoot.   David was trying on some of the Aussiebum speedos when I suggested that he jump in the shower and get them wet.   This 23 year old Hungarian stud has one of the hottest bods I’ve had the pleasure to shoot.  David’s hard work at the gym has obviously paid off as he begins to soak his chest in my hotel shower.   I love David’s cheeky smile as he strips out of his speedo and flings them over his shoulder.  I can tell that David loves to show off as he final gets stark naked in front of me.   You gotta love a cheeky muscle boy in and out of his Aussiebum speedos. See more of David at Bentley Race.

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Naked black boy Levi Hamil showing off that mammoth cock

Bentley Race says: We love our skinny hung mate Levi Hamil. Zac was so impressed with this talented dancer from DC that he shot with him a couple of times while we were in New York. You gotta see the positions this boy can get into.

But today’s shoot was all about Levin showing off that mammoth cock in one of Zac’s jockstraps. It was a bit of a gloomy day in New York so the guys had to shoot right up to the window since we were travelling with no lights.

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Young naked boy Jakub Novek jerking his huge uncut boy dick


Bentley Race says: By now you know that I love finding cute guys with extra large cocks. When I met Jakub Novek last year I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this huge flacid cock fall out of his boxer shorts.

I was on vacation in Berlin at the time when one of my mates over there suggested I meet this 18 year old with a big dick. So this year we travelled to Jakub’s home town in Poland to meet with him and some of his mates.

And being the middle of winter in Poland the poor boy was freezing by the time we got back to my room. I suggested that we start his shoot in the bathroom so he could take a shower and warm up.

Jakub was already boning up when he stripped down to these bright little shorts. He could barely keep it hidden since he had grown so large.

The shoot went very well with Jakub getting totally naked and playing up to the camera. Later he jumped in to the shower and put on another show, playing with his cock and getting down on all fours to show off his hole.

If you haven’t see it yet, make sure you check out the video of Jakub spraying cum all over me in his wanking video.


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Blond hunk David Circus, fat uncut cock at Bentley Race

Bentley Race says: It was a case of too many guys and too little time when made a short stop off in Budapest. I was completely unprepared for the number of beautiful men willing to strip down for us in this pretty Hungarian city. While I was busy in one room Zac was meeting up with this cute blond guy with an unusual name in the room next door. I saw David’s photos online before I left Australia and really wanted to get him to model for us. The time was tight but we still had time before we left for the airport to get him over. After seeing his photos and videos I wished that I had been the one in the room with him.

I love guys with blond furry legs. And David’s muscly legs look hot! And wait until you see his gorgeous thick uncut cock! He works it like crazy until he blows quite a lot of cum across his tummy and chest. 23 year old David was on vacation when we met him. He had just arrived home in Budapest on the day we met from his trip to Italy. David Circus is a good example of the many beautiful guys we met when we travelled to the east of Europe. Get this movie at Bentley Race!

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Hot muscled Colombian stud Cristian Berry strips down to just his socks and wanks his huge uncut cock

Bentley Race says: While I was on vacation in Europe last month I met some very sexy guys.

26 year old Cristian Berry and I had been chatting online for a while and planned to meet in Berlin.

I was really impressed by Cristian when he had sent me some shots of himself wearing speedos.

The hot Colombian boy and I met up at my hotel to take some sexy photos and make a video for the site.

Firstly Cristian is one of the sweetest guys I have met during my travels.

He’s softy spoken and has a big cheeky grin. He’s very fit with big tattoo’d arms.

But anyone who meets him will tell you about his nice thick bum and that large uncut dick.

He gets easily turned on as I take his photos naked in the window.

And his first video turns into a really horny show.

I’m really happy with Cristian joining our group of hot mates.

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Bentley Race sexy young nude guy Luc Dean strips and jerks out a huge cumload

Bentley Race says: There are so many new guys waiting to get in front of the camera. And now that summer has arrived I have really ramped up shooting here in Australia. I’m really excited to introduce you today to my beautiful new mate Luc Dean.
25 year old Luc from Queensland was visiting me last week for the first time. We had been chatting online for a long time about getting together. Luc had already done some shoots for some other photographers around Australia. I thought he was pretty cute in his pics and couldn’t wait to meet him.
And it turns out he’s a really nice guy as well as being very sexy. Queensland guys are always so laid back and ready to have some fun. We quickly took of to the studio to photograph and film our new mate stripping and getting off.
I particularly enjoyed watching Luc fuck that fleshlight wedged in to my couch. Then I laid on the floor just in time to catch him cumming above me. What a nice way to finish our first meeting. Luc is very keen to get in to a lot more shoots with us this summer.
I suspect we’ll be seeing him pop up more often on BR in the coming months.

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Sexy young stud Ralf Popu strips out of his tight shorts and long socks wanking his huge thick dick

Bentley Race says: I have started working on the shoots with the guys I met during my Europe vacation. And I started with our cute 19 year old mate Ralf Popu. You might remember I met Ralf in Berlin a year ago and did some hot scenes with him back then.

We caught up again in Berlin for a shoot in my little hotel room. Being the middle of winter we were stuck inside taking these shots. Ralf is showing off in a tight t-shirt and little shorts before stripping naked.

With some porn on the TV he strokes his thick cock rock hard for the camera. Ralf is a straight boy from Romania. He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met while shooting straight boys overseas.

Plus he always puts on a hot show rubbing that fat dick in his videos.

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25 year old Aussie Tomas Kyle strips and jerks his huge cock to a massive cumshot

Bentley Race says: I want to introduce you to my hot new mate Tomas Kyle. The 25 year old Aussie came to visit me last month from South Australia. Tomas is mates with one of our other favourite mates, Luc Dean. It was Luc who encouraged Tomas to get in touch with me and ask about doing a shoot.
Well I’m glad he did because I love working with red head guys. And this pale lanky boy didn’t disappoint. We had lots of fun getting photos during this soccer gear strip show. And eventually we moved on to making a very hot video on the bed.
During the video I joined Tomas on the bed, edging my new mate towards blowing a huge load of hot cum. I’m looking forward to more visits from our new horny mate.
I’m already thinking about who I can pair him up with from my other sexy mates.

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