Tom Daley, Zac Efron, Tom Hardy and Terrence Howard naked cock shots


Tabloid Men says: New site is launched this week called Tabloid Men, featuring the naked shots, crotch bulges and nude flashes from the men who grace the pages of our world’s tabloid newspapers and magazines.

Catch famous people with their pants down. In their speedos at the beach or relaxing in the nude in the privacy of their own fabulous homes.

Here we see tattooed hunk Tom Hardy fresh from his Mad Max extravaganza in less that you would expect. Boy is Tom brandishing a big uncut weapon. Yum Yum.


Next up is scrumptious Tom Daley facing off with Zac Efron. Lets see if their posing pouches are weighed down as we kind of suspect.


Finally in this update we get the ever sexy Empire star Terrence Howard stripped nude for his shower scene. Check out his clunker big boy junk.


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