Cute sexy ripped muscle boy Sean Cody Levi jerks out a huge cum load

Sean Cody says: Levi is so adorable! He’s bisexual and has been playing sports (mainly baseball) for a long time – a natural born athlete according to himself.
He’s definitely an interesting guy, especially when he told us about his secret stash of dildos hidden in his base drum at home.
“I have seven dildos, I love them! All different sizes, shapes, colors and creeds – my favorites!” He spoke so fondly of them.
When we asked him about his perfect date, all that came out was “straight to anal!”
Instant curiosity sparked, “Who’s getting the anal? You or them?”
He answered confidently, “Either or. I’m a giver and a receiver.”
When it was time to get down and dirty, he whipped out his hard cock and stroke it until he blew a nice load…with a huge dildo up his butt! We knew we found somebody special!
“Will we see you again?”
He didn’t hesitate at all, “Oh, for sure!”

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Colby Jansen's massive cock fucks Jordan Easton’s tight black ass hole deep and hard

Men-com-hardcore-gay-porn-stars-naked-dudes-Colby-Jansen-Jordan-Easton-ass-fucking-big-dick-anal-rimming-cocksuckers-men-kissing-smooth-asshole-001-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photo says: It’s time for Jordan Easton to take Colby Jansen’s dick. Watch as Colby plugs Jordan’s hole with his pink D, fucking him doggy-style before Jordan mounts and rides him until he shoots warm cum from his uncut dick all over his chest.

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Sexy ripped young muscle hunk Tom Wills stripped down to his tight undies

Young sexy boy Caspar Hamilton jerks his huge 7.5 uncut dick to a massive cum explosion

English Lads says: Caspar Hamilton first did a shoot a year ago and now at 19 he is back to show us how much he loves showing off his body. Casper is most comfortable when he has nothing on and has one of those uncut cocks that reacts to touch and the second it’s in his hand his cock rears up and is erect in seconds.
Casper has a big uncut cock, just under 8 inches long and over 6 inches round, this lads cock is both long and chunky. When erect Casper is real rock solid, he one of those rocket cocks that sticks straight up and is as hard as metal.
He loves showing off his hole and nearly manages to fit in his uncut cock up his hole, just the end gets in. After all this wanking and teasing he lies back and shoots loads of cum over his abs and chest.
Wow what a great cum shot, another straight lad loving showing off.

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Adam Bryant fucks the cum out of Javier Cruz's tight asshole

Dominic Ford says: From our parody of How To Get Away With… it’s hot college jock Adam Bryant and hot Latin boy Javier Cruz. Cruz finds Bryant in the gym and seduces him in the shower and in the locker room.
There is more to the story, but you would need to see the movie for that.
Watch Adam pound the cum out of Javier. It’s super hot.

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Paul Canon takes JJ Knight’s huge cock up on the hood of the police cruiser out in the open air

Men-com-Hot-naked-policeman-cop-uniform-JJ-Knight-sexy-muscle-boy-Paul-Canon-huge-cock-deep-throat-cocksucker-ass-rimming-fucking-anal-assplay-001-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photo says: Hot cop JJ Knight can’t seem to get rid of naughty boy Paul Canon, even when he tries to let him go free of charge. There’s only one way to shut Paul Canon up—and it’s with thick law enforcement cock down his throat.
Watch as he takes JJ’s cock up on the hood of the police cruiser out in the open air.

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Sexy Sean Cody Colton is definitely a top he like guys smaller than him

Sean Cody says: Colton is an all-around nice guy with a fit body and a nice dick. What more can you want? It was a bit of a cold day, but we took him to a nude beach to lounge around naked and have some fun.
We asked him what he’s into. “I’m definitely a top.”
He’s tried bottoming before, but it isn’t really his thing.
“I like twinks – guys that are smaller than me.
I like guys I can kind of move around a little bit.”
He was so turned on with this whole first-time experience that it didn’t take him long to whip out his dick and start playing with himself right there with spectators in the background.
You can tell he was a bit nervous, but after a little while he got more relaxed and comfortable and just jerked off until he blew a load right then and there.

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Ryan Mondo bareback ass fucking Miky Bolton's tight smooth asshole

Cocksure Men says: Miky Bolton plays with his huge, thick, uncut cock when Ryan Mondo sneaks up behind him. They kiss and Miky stands up showing us how hung he is.
They remove their clothes and take turns sucking, ending up in a 69 position. Miky, on his back with his legs skyward, gets a great rim job from Ryan. Ryan slides his lubed raw cock into Miky’s ass bareback.
Ryan is very flexible and sucks Miky’s long cock while still fucking him. Ryan gets on his back and Miky sits on his raw cock. Ryan pumps upwards barebacking Miky’s hole.
Ryan lays behind Miky, spooning him, and plows his raw cock back into Miky. Ryan strokes and sucks Miky’s pole as he screws him.
Miky goes for another bareback ride on Miky’s rod. Ryan Mondo pulls out and cums, then Miky pushes Ryan’s cock back his hole, seeding himself.
Miky Bolton kneels next to Ryan and shoots his load on his chest.

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23 year old ex Marine Spunkworthy Dustin jerks his huge cock to a massive cumshot

Spunk Worthy says: Dustin was referred to me by either a fan of the site, or an anonymous model who’s already appeared on the site. The story was a little vague, but whoever it was that was doing the recruiting thought that Dustin would probably look good naked. And I couldn’t agree more; like Clark Kent’s hot military son.
A former Marine, Dustin is 23 y/o and decided to drop trou’ for some cash, much to his girlfriend’s chagrin. At least at first. She warmed up to the idea since he first told her about the plan and actually ended up curious about things.
“I wasn’t sure if it’d be okay,” Dustin said when he showed up, “but she wanted to come along and watch.”
I liked her already. And when Dustin said that she preferred him with all his body hair grown in, I felt like I had a new best friend.
Dustin was nervous about shedding his clothes on camera for the first time. Mostly, he said, because he was afraid his dick wasn’t going to perform in front of a new audience. A fear that went flying out the window no sooner than it came up. As soon as Dustin unzipped his jeans, his cock was ready to roll and standing at attention.
Just to make sure he was going to make a good first impression, Dustin saved up for a full week before the shoot. And that included a session with his gf where he stopped before cumming. (“She knew why,” he grimaced.)
And it worked. Not a high-flying cumshot, but what it lacked in distance it made up for in volume! The load kept coming, and coming, and coming until his stomach was covered in thick jizz.

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