Adam Killian’s thick muscular ass makes Damon Heart’s mouth water

Lucas Entertainments says: Adam Killian shows off his tender side: he wakes up with the handsome Damon Heart next to him, and Adam’s morning wood is the greatest sign of affection Damon could have ever asked for. When Damon and Adam suck on each other 69-style, the position shows off their different, but very hot, body types.
Adam’s thick muscular ass makes Damon’s mouth water, and if he wants a taste all he has to do is ask. Adam sits on Damon’s face to some rimming action before Damon takes charge and drills his uncut cock deep inside Adam Killian’s rectum.
Damon would be remiss if he didn’t get to see Adam’s morning wood inside of his body though, so he eventually gives in and gives it up, see him arch his back here at 25:30.

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Ripped young dude Diego Canales bareback fucks Rudy Martins' tight muscled asshole

Cocksure Men says: Young jocks Diego Canales and Rudy Martins make out on a couch. Rudy pulls out Diego’s stiff prick and sucks it. They take off their clothes and kiss while stroking each other’s rods.
Diego gives Rudy a hot blow job before fingering his hole. He’s getting Rudy ready for a bareback fuck. Rudy likes his ass played with and kneels on the couch.
Diego rams his raw cock inside, fucking him bareback. Rudy lays on the couch and Diego pounds him again. They take a break and lay opposite each other.
Rudy strokes Diego’s cock with his feet. Hot! Rudy gets on top of Diego and takes his raw cock all the way in. Diego pummels him bareback from beneath.
With Diego inside, Rudy shoots his load on Diego Canales’ six pack. Diego pulls his raw cock out and cums on Rudy’s ass.
Rudy Martins bends down and kisses Diego passionately.

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Sexy ripped muscle boy Jerome Exupery bareback fucks newbie Jeroen Mondrian's tight virgin asshole

Sam Hansworth and John Dudley first time cocksucking

English Lads says: John Dudley plays a lot of football and so he has been unsure about doing more, he doesn’t want the lads on the team finding out. Last time while getting a massage his cock got very hard and that probably was part of the issue.
Though like all the straight lads get them comfortable and who knows what can happen and today John lets Sam Hansworth push his boundaries and lets him suck his cock.
The lads have a lot of fun along the way and there is a lot of mutual wanking and jerking and showing of holes etc. After a load of wanking and sucking both lads uncut cocks are rock hard, John lets loose first and dumps his cum, followed seconds later by Sam he shoots his wad of cum on his abs.
Well done John, now your 1st man blow job wasn’t so bad.

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Bruno Bernal's tight asshole takes a hardcore rough fucking from Scott Demarco's huge dick

Raging Stallion says: Sun-kissed hunks Bruno Bernal and Scott Demarco are thirsty for each other. Their lips lock and they explore one another’s chiseled physiques. Bruno, the Brazilian power-bottom, descends to his knees and takes a mouthful of Scott’s fat cock.
After the hot hummer, Bruno gives his lips a rest and bends over exposing his hole for Scott to power rim. Now, Bruno’s ass is fully lubed with saliva, and Scott doesn’t waste any time driving his girthy meat into Bruno’s waiting man hole.
Bruno spreads his ass wide to give Scott full penetration. Landing cock blows hard and deep, Scott hits all of Bruno’s spots. They switch it up again, but the pounding doesn’t stop, and Bruno is screaming uncontrollably as Scott’s drilling sends the load out of Bruno’s cock and onto his abs.
Scott pulls out of Bruno’s stretched hole and adds his creamy spunk to the mix.

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Landon Mycles takes a huge dildo up his ass before Bennett Anthony fucks him harder

Men-com-hairy-chested-muscle-hunk-Landon-Mycles-huge-dildo-ass-play-Bennett-Anthony-fucks-ass-deep-anal-rimming-tattoo-big-thick-dick-001-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photo says: Landon Mycles’ wife just won’t let him take a dildo in his ass so he enlists the services of Bennett Anthony. Landon’s loving every inch so Bennett decides to whip out the real thing so Landon can get the pounding he’s always wanted.

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Straight hairy chested hunk Freddy jerks out a huge cum load emptying his balls

Spunk Worthy says: Freddy had been thinking about making the leap into porn for a while. After his stint in the military, he figured the time was right to give it a go. And when he got in touch, you can bet I was ready, too.
Typical of a lot of former military guys, he wanted to grow out all his hair, beard and head alike. Thankfully, he kept the razor at bay on the rest of his fuzzy body.
After our first contact, it took a day or two for him to commit. He even admitted that nerves were getting the best of him, even though he was excited about getting naked on camera for the first time. When he showed up and we got to talking, the truth came out about how he was feeling about his porn debut.
“I’m optimistically nervous. Definitely excited,” he added. “On the way over I had the good butterflies.”
Once he got warmed up to the cameras, Freddy tapped into his inner exhibitionist and had some fun showing off his thick bod and uncut cock. You can almost see the moment when the switch got flicked.
As he worked himself up the finish line, he really got into it. The payoff was a thick load that coated his pubes.
After blowing his wad, Freddy looked into the camera and gave a big thumbs up. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing him again.

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