Straight Fraternity 18 year old Jebediah gets his big cock sucked by CB

Straight Fraternity says: 18-year-old Jebediah kicks back on the couch while CB sucks his uncut cock and eats his ass until he cums. That’s what friends are for!

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Young stud Ryan Ledson gets a hot man on boy massage from sexy stud Joel Jenkins

English Lads says: Ryan Ledson went quiet after his first shoot and he wasn’t that keen on doing anything but a solo, but he gave into my requests to come and have a relaxing massage and who better than cheeky Joel Jenkins to show Ryan how we do massages at EL.
Ryan lies back and confesses Joel is pretty good with his hands, though before he knows it Ryan is on his front and his hole is being shown off. For a relative newbie himself Joel knows how to work it and does a great job and judging by how hard Ryan’s cock gets I think he enjoyed it a little.
These two straight lads end up wanking off each other and before you know it Joel is lying back unloading and not wanting to be left out Ryan unloads. But his cum shot is not ordinary one, the first squirt fires and hits the pillow behind him, quickly followed by a loads more all over his chest.
Wow Ryan, you know the meaning of doing a cum shot, this one must be right up there in the top 10 massive cum shots.

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Hairy chest college twink Marvin shoots a big cum load onto his face

Island Studs says: Horny Marvin really enjoys showing off his thin hairy boy body, totally covered in layers of sexy hairy man fur. Check out his tight, white boy butt completely covered in a full bush of dark hair as he shaves his scruffy face in the bathroom sink before he starts to jerk his long boy cock.
It is very hot to watch this sexy twink walk around the condo with his hard hairy cock and balls slapping against his hairy legs as he walks. As he bends over jerking his rock hard cock, his hairy butt cheeks open wide to expose his dark hairy boy hole.
Watch as cute hairy Marvin turns his furry butt to the camera and bends over wide a second time, revealing his pink, hair covered butt hole.

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Aitor Bravo worshipping Alex Graham's armpits

Dominic Ford says: DF’s new hit series, Barcelona, is back. We traveled to Spain to film the Mediterranean’s hottest studs in 4K. That’s right: 4K Gay Porn, and it’s amazing.
The second scene, Barcelona: Pits, features Aitor Bravo worshipping Alex Graham’s armpits before Alex gives him a hard pounding. We noticed, a long time ago, that Alex has amazing armpits.
This week they take center stage as Aitor sniffs and licks them, making Alex squirm with pleasure. When they fuck, Aitor takes Alex’s cock like a champ. These guys are scorching hot.

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Straight brothers Devon and Darius jerking together

Island Studs says: Listen to younger brother Devon laugh loudly at his older brother Darius, when I announce that Darius has a big wide rip in his boxer shorts underwear revealing his big black athletic ass for all to see. One of the best moments in this film is watching the two brothers sitting side by side, balls out naked in front of the camera together, talking about women.
Devon’s beautiful cock becomes rock hard totally “hands free” just from the sexy conversation with his brother. Watch older brother Darius’ reaction when his sees his brother’s big black dick throbbing next to him.

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Markie More slips his big hard erect cock into Derrick Dime's virgin ass hole

Next Door World says: As Father Gabriel’s game of catfish heats up, he no longer is intrigued by run of the mill straight guys, and instead begins searching out for guys with particular needs. Derrick Dime is one such fellow, fostering curious inclinations with no outlet at home.
Fed up with his wife’s delicate sensibilities, he’s turned to the Church for guidance, and found deliverance in the form of Markie More. Markie enters the confessional as Derrick’s mind races. Nervously he professes his desires to Markie, who assures Derrick that he can help him.
Derrick seems skeptical, especially when Markie tells him to undress, but Derrick obliges, taking Markie’s direction to slip a finger inside his own hole, as Markie looks on from the other side. Derrick throws his feet up and spreads his legs, fingering himself as Markie watches.
Derrick has never been so turned on in his life, and Markie can tell he’s willing to go further just by the sound of his moans, so Markie unzips his pants and slips his cock through the glory-hole, instructing Derrick to give him head while he continues to finger himself.
Derrick does as he is told, licking Markie’s hard cock from base to tip before downing it no handed. Markie is hard as a rock and he asks Derrick if he’d like the real thing. Derrick can’t answer ‘YES!’ fast enough and before he knows it, he’s backed his ass up to the glory-hole as Markie slips his cock into Derrick’s virgin ass.
Derrick moans from the pain at first but as Markie gently slides it all the way in, pain gives way to pleasure. Derrick can’t get enough of Markie’s cock, and the glory-hole is getting in the way, so the guys move out to the pew so Derrick can give up the ass nice and proper.
Markie pumps him full from behind, eyeing Derrick’s giant hard cock with a bit of envy, so they switch, and Markie gets his fill of Derrick’s cock before unleashing his load all over Derrick’s waiting chest. Markie dismounts and Derrick coats his face with his own pent up load, one long over-due and every bit as satisfying as Derrick had fantasized.
As they head back to the confessional to clean up, Markie realizes that maybe there’s a real service being provided here, after all.

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Brendan Patrick pounds Trent Ferris' asshole forcing a huge orgasm from the young man's thick cock

Icon Male says: Brendan Patrick sits in his living room. Reading carefully, he sips a steaming cup of tea when a knock comes at the door. Coming by to talk, Trent Ferris explains how people at school are talking about Brendan leaving the Church. Worried that what they had done to him at school made him leave is nagging at him.
Feeling guilty, Trent wishes he had gotten to know him better, and apologizes as they sit across from each other. Brendan tells him not to worry, that the boys wasn’t the reason. They embrace, and as Trent is getting ready to leave Brendan tells him a secret.
He never forgot about him, or the time they tag-teamed him at school. Trent takes advantage of this chance and makes the first move, kissing Brendan. Rubbing their hands over each other’s bodies, they move to the bedroom. Brendan’s hips gyrate into the young man’s, as they kiss each other on the bed.
Pulling off his shirt, Brendan fumbles with the boy’s necktie before kissing again. Stripping the young student of his shirt, he tongues his nipples. Taking the ex-priest’s veiny dick into his mouth, Trent sucks as the engorged, stiff-as-a-board member.
Brendan takes his turn, sucking on Trent’s long, youthful dick. Sucking him all the way to the base, his lips glide over his shaft, Trent’s dick throbbing in enjoyment. Flipping the younger man over, Brendan starts fucking the boy’s ass. Trent moans as the older man pumps in and out of his young hole.
Laying close to Trent, his chest on his back he feels him moans. Looking into his eyes as he’s being fucked, Brendan pounds into him and massages an orgasm from the young man’s thick cock. The ex-priest pounds into him, getting closer and closer to the edge before blowing his thick cum all over Trent’s lithe frame.

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Sexy young muscle dude Cort jerks out a huge cum load

Sean Cody says: Cort is a fun-loving and carefree kind of guy who really just goes wherever the wind takes him. “I’ve traveled a lot and done a lot of odd jobs.
I’ve been a firefighter, been in the military…I’ve seen it all and done it all early on in life.” He also admits to being openly bisexual which peaked my curiosity right away. “Tell me more about this!” “It just kind of happened one day after a long day on the job.
A buddy of mine, we went out to get some drinks and next thing you know we were fooling around. It was interesting to say the least!” He said with a huge smile on his face. “Would you do it again?” I asked. He didn’t hesitate with his answer. “Yes!”

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