Spunkworthy’s Blaze’s surprise handjob


Spunk Worthy says: I usually try to save a special treat for Xmas on the site. This year, though, Santa brought an extra special package!

Blaze had done a porn shoot for a buddy of mine. When Blaze said something about going to San Diego for some military stuff, he told Blaze that he knew someone (me) who might be interested in meeting him while he was out here. Probably needless to say, my reply when I heard the news was something like, “Hell, yes.”

Blaze is 21 year old and hears all the time that he doesn’t look his age. Being a big bear of a dude, it surprised me to hear he was as young as he is. Even on the flight out to SD a “cougar” tried picking him up, thinking he was her age!

Seeing his excitement once the cameras were pointed at him, I asked him what it was about being in porn that he likes.

“It’s a little bit of a rush,” he said with a laugh. “I like rushes.”

No doubt. When we started taking photos, Blaze’s cock was already getting hard before he even touched it. And you can bet it was difficult not to reach out and give it a tug during the process. Blaze is a total tease, though. He must have known what was going through my head. When I asked him to hold his cock out for a close-up, he hardly flinched as I grabbed it. And when the ol’ measuring tape came out, Blaze almost seemed to expect that I was going in for the kill. Who surprised whom?

For a guy that jacks off 4-5 times a day, when you tell him to save up a day or two for a shoot, you can bet there’s going to be built up tension. And with some extra cash on the table, things took an unexpected twist.

“Feels good,” Blaze said as I lubed up his dick and started stroking him.

The build-up to his cumshot was so intense. Blaze’s eyes darted back and forth from the porn playing in the background, over to the front row view of his dick getting jerked. He whispered that he was getting close and, rubbing his hand down his torso, blew a thick load that covered his furry stomach.


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Sexy blond young dude Christian Lundgren strips bare and shows off his big dick


Belami says: Christian Lundgren is undeniably sexy. His upper-body is incredibly finely constructed with small waist and a beautiful smooth ass that makes you want to stick your tongue in and lick his blond-haired hole for hours. He will become one of the regulars of KinkyAngels in the new year.



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CB asks straight friend Seamus to rim his hot bubble ass


Straight Fraternity says: CB brings his straight friend Seamus over to make some easy money. He sucks Seamus’ cock and they rub their dicks together before he asks Seamus if he’ll eat his ass. Seamus does such a great job that CB can’t help shooting his load. He finishes by adding his cum to the pool of jizz on CB’s stomach.


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Straight man Landon big thick cock servicing


Spunk Worthy says: I’d been wondering if Landon was going to get in touch again when, out of nowhere, I got a text asking if he could do a BJ video. Duh!

Landon may have been more excited about it than me. He walked in with a boner pitching a tent beneath his shorts, and he was fidgeting and playing with his cock the whole time the cameras were getting set up. This boy was ready.

Last time, for his massage scene, Landon got a little sample of some ass play and it seemed to get him off. After sucking on his cock for a few minutes, I pushed back his legs and buried my tongue between his cheeks. The magic button was hit and Landon’s facial expression said it all.

Things heated up when Landon stood, grabbed the back of my head and pummeled my throat. Thrusting his hips toward my mouth, he had found his groove. With his eyes squeezed shut and head rolled back, Landon looked like he was in heaven.

As horny as Landon was, it took some work to get him to the edge. (Not that I’m complaining.) Landon reached down and held my head while he fucked my face. He was so lost in the moment that he barely whispered that he was going to cum, just in time for me to pull off and let him blow a super thick load that oozed down his cock and the side of my hand.


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Sean Cody five man orgy Lane, Brodie, Joey, Tanner and Rowan


Sean Cody says: It had been a while since the SeanCody guys left the studio, so we decided it was time for a vacation. We found this amazing log cabin up north in the mountains and invited some of our favorite models up for a good time.

Lane, Brodie, Joey, Tanner and Rowan all got along right off the bat and we knew we were going to have a ton of fun. With the amazing backdrop of Mount Shasta, the beautiful wilderness and our gorgeous models, this trip was for sure a once in a lifetime trip. These 5 guys made for a great orgy and some even better behind the scene moments.



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Kris Blent’s tight boy asshole fucked by Gabriel Angel’s huge twink dick


Staxus says: Gabriel Angel clearly thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he arrives at the villa to find Kris Blent sat on his sofa – and no fuckin’ wonder! After all, whilst the ever-horny, blond-haired Dutch cock-fiend might still be fully clothed at this stage, the young French lad knows the fellow well enough by now to realise that that’s not a state of affairs that’s going to last for very long. Indeed, it only takes a little bit of smooching to encourage the fellow out of his tee-shirt and shorts – by which time he’s already hanging nicely off Angel’s cock!

To be fair, of course, neither of these boys have any particular hang-ups about dick-worship, and suffice it to say that both proceed to take time out to practice their favourite art. But as so often in any scene that Blent appears in, it’s the boy from the polders who steals the show here – not least of all when he brazenly plonks himself on Angel’s lap, rides that French cock cowboy-style like a complete whore, then steps out of the saddle for a moment to greedily work the shaft with his mouth!

No question about it, you’d have to go a long, long way to see a demonstration of hardcore cock-adoration like this; and the top-quality show continues as Blent returns to his favourite seat in the house, lovingly impaling himself on his pal’s knob again in the process! It’s no fucking wonder that the lad is very quickly at the point of no return – spewing his wad all over his belly. If anything, however, this only seems to spur him on all the more – brazenly deep-throating Angel’s schlong, before slurping on the erupting crown for a well-deserved pay-cheque!



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Powerful young bodybuilder Jake Kelly strips naked and jerks his solid uncut cock


English Lads says: Jake Kelly has come along way from doing his first shoot where he didn’t want to take off his boxers.

Today he is quick to pull them down and show off his very hairy hole and his body, well that has changed a lot in the time I have known him and at just 19 he has managed to build up into quite a powerful young bodybuilder.

He used to be shy about removing his boxers, but now embraces being naked and that lovely uncut cock of his shows off by itself, since his cock spends most of its time rock solid and as erect as a cock can be.

Jake does a great job at showing off his body and is not shy about his very hairy hole. He is soon on his back unloading cum on his hairy abs. Well done Jake.



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Sexy young all American muscle boy Felix jerking his big cock to a huge cum shower


Sean Cody says: Felix surprised us a bit when he took off his pants and showed us his huge uncut dick. “That’s a pretty big cock!” “Thanks. It gets lots of compliments from the guys and girls.

Felix is openly bisexual and says he really likes a top to have a nice uncut dick just like himself. “I never used to like men until recently.” He admitted.

He grew up in Cuba and has been living in the states for a few years. “I’m slowly getting better at English, I think in a couple more months I’ll speak more fluently.”

Felix had some fun teaching the crew some dirty words and goofing off in between takes. “Its fun to just run around naked and joke, I don’t get to do this at home.”



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Hot naked young boys Ray Mannix and Ruben Bart hardcore butt fucking


Staxus says: An inflatable crocodile would be a great toy for Ray Mannix and Ruben Bart to play with if they were by the pool, but unfortunately they’re nowhere near any water. As a result, they have to find other things to amuse them; which in this particular instance means slipping out of their swimming trunks and playing with each others’ cocks.

Not that that’s something that seems to particularly bother either of these horned-up buddies given what promptly ensues between them but then seeing who we’re dealing with here that surely won’t come as any surprise. After all, they may hail from different sides of Europe but neither Mannix nor Bart appear to show the slightest bit of reserve when it comes to all things carnal.

A point that’s promptly underlined when the Czech visitor goes down on his Spanish host’s deliciously curved shaft and starts giving head like his whole holiday experience depended on it. Then again, of course, we are talking here about a boy who quite literally lives for cock and who doesn’t seem entirely himself unless he’s getting his ass-hole stretched to the max by some uncompromising huge twink dick.

Fortunately for all concerned, it’s not long before Bart is ready to oblige in that respect. Having engaged in a brief, but very energetic session of 69-ing, the home-boy promptly positions his dick to the sky so that Mannix can ride it to heaven and back an offer that’s accepted with typical relish.

Suffice it to say that both buddies are soon peeking as a result, with very generous sprays of pent-up spooge being splattered over each other’s faces.



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