Sneak Peak Kris Evans and Torsten Ullman bareback raw ass fucking


Belami says: Belami’s Summer of Love is coming up trumps again. The hot bare backing summer of raw ass love is truly upon us and it’s flip flopping fabulous. Here’s a few of the hot young twinks that are hitting the airwaves over the coming few weeks.

Gay porn and Belami’s super gay porn star Kris Evans make a grand entrance in a scorching hot flip flop bare ass fucking with Belami newbie Torsten Ullman.

Vadim Farrell and Rhys Jagger are also in the bottom to top flip flop as well as Adam Archuleta and Marc Ruffalo. Sexy new boy on the block Antony Lorca is here with his double jerk off with Ronny Lamarr.

Belami keeps us busy with hot flip flop bareback fuckings with Marcel Gassion, Roald Ekberg, Gaelan Binoche, Tom Pollock, Johnny Bloom, Jim Kerouac, Zac De Haan and Milan Sharpe. Talk about busy boys there’s not a condom in sight at Belami towers in Prague.

Not to be outdone there are hot solos from Helmut Huxley, Kevin Warhol, Jeroen Mondrian plus many more.



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Jason Sterling sole jerking his big straight dick


Broke Straight Boys says: Jason Sterling is here from Louisville, Kentucky, and this out doors man passes his time hunting and fishing and enjoying sports. The money he earns here he will put towards raising his son and the rest he will spend on himself…but before he gets paid, we need to see some cock.

Jason admits that he’s very nervous, but it’s not like he’s never gotten himself off before, so we’re confident that this blonde hottie will do just fine.

He takes his clothes off and shows us his slim but toned body, playing with his dick absentmindedly as he answers a few more questions before we set him loose to do his thing.

He lies back on the couch and looks into the camera as he grabs his cock and starts to stroke it, running his hand up and down over his shaft as it gets harder and bigger.

As he jerks his prick, he grabs his balls and massages them and you can tell by the way his muscles clench that he’s getting closer to cumming. He starts pulling on his dick harder and faster until he unleashes a huge load all over himself.

What an impressive cumshot for a first-timer, we can’t wait to welcome him back for more than just a solo scene.


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Blonde straight bearded hunk jerks his first ever cumshot online


Straight Fraternity says: Blonde straight bearded hunk Shawn shot some straight porn about a year ago, and he’s looking to get back in the game. He reveals his worked out physique and strokes out a thick cum load in this audition.


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Ryan Rose’s tongue goes deep Dorian Ferro savors the hard tongue rimming


Falcon Studios says: Ryan Rose ushers Dorian Ferro into the Sex Pad, both instantly peeling off clothes as they go. Dorian’s deep chest and plump ass cheeks are sprinkled with hairs.

Ryan is defined and smooth, and his stunning abs contract whenever he moves. Dorian’s tongue is in constant motion as they kiss. He showcases his oral skills with deep suction, lip work and tongue maneuvers that leave Ryan’s cock shiny with drool and pre-cum. When Ryan commands, ‘Gimme that ass,’ Dorian quickly presents his trophy-worthy butt.

Ryan’s tongue goes deep, and Dorian grabs the back of Ryan’s neck to keep it there. Dorian bears down, clenching and relaxing his hole so fiercely that the muscles pop out on his torso.

Then Dorian whispers, ‘Fuck me,’ and there’s no stopping Ryan. Dorian’s hole is wet and primed, and Ryan’s cock slides in all the way on contact. Thrusting back with the entire weight of his body, Dorian wants it even deeper.

Ryan knows the score, and ups the ante, slamming Dorian so hard and fast and fanning the flames of both their eager lust. It builds and it swells until both of them are completely consumed they can’t hold back their ultimate orgasms any longer.

Dorian unloads first, and then submerges his tongue into Ryan’s hole as Ryan shoots from wall-to-wall. As they get dressed after their romp, there cocks are still hard from the intense action they shared.



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Sexy young naked man Ivan James jerks his big dick


Next Door Male says: Ivan James is a good ol’ country boy from West Virginia who has got the right attitude and a nice package to boot.

Good natured and not too complicated, Ivan’s extroverted personality comes through, as we catch up with him outside, taking in the first rays of summer as he lounges by the pool.

Ivan slowly stripping out of his board shorts as he exposes his meaty cock, stroking it as he stands to take off all his clothes.

As his cock grows, he leans against a stone wall, and he can feel the warmth of the sun against his skin, but it’s his persistent hard on that’s got him all hot and bothered.

He gives one final look towards the camera and then closes his eyes, sending his seed exploding all around him as he unloads everything he has to offer for your viewing pleasure.



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Sexy surfer dude Jasper jerking his rock hard Californian boy cock and hairy ball sack


Island Studs says: This real unrehearsed gonzo Hawaiian beach pick up video captures California surfer Jasper, being secretly filmed and then agreeing to being paid on camera for more photos of him skinny-dipping and stroking his thick cock outside on a public beach and then jerking off in the privacy of my condo.

Watch as I hand Jasper a girlie magazine and he strokes his cock from soft to a thick throbbing hard on in seconds.

He sits fully naked on the sofa spreading his legs wide open and rubbing his beautiful rock hard Californian boy cock and hairy ball sack with both hands.

As the camera glides around his smooth ripped surfer body we get great views of his hairy butt hole and dirty farm boy hands as he jerks off.

Jasper jerks his hard cock with all the excitement of a horny California surfer.


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Sexy young boys Jasper Robinson and Jessie Montgomery hardcore butt fucking


Helix Studios says: If there’s anything Jessie Montgomery and Jasper Robinson like as much music, it’s a tight hole and a thick piece of tube steak. In this hot bareback flip fuck performance, we see that their taste in music is only rivaled by their taste for each other as these big boned American Idols rock out raw and you don’t wanna miss a thing.



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Jerome Exupery strips off slowly down to his sexy tight undies showing his huge uncut dick and floppy foreskin


Belami says: Jerome Exupery is one of Belami’s newest young boy stars and we have been dreaming about him ever since. Jerome Exupery, a hot Czech twink who is a complete amateur when it comes to gay porn. Here in his introduction video, you see his interview and his gorgeous HD photo session.

Jerome is a tall blonde young boy with a lovely sweet sexy smile and a great personality. We are all going crazy about how fucking sexy and hugely hung this young twink is.

Here Jerome strips off slowly down to his sexy tight undies. In his just his underwear, you can see a huge crotch bulge which as he drops his underwear to his ankles, we get to see his big uncut cock.

As he jerks his big uncut floppy cock with the huge foreskin it shoots up erect immediately until Jerome is fully erect. At full erection, he strokes his big uncut cock hard and fast.

Turning around Jerome gives us a flash off his sexy smooth bubble butt. His jerking continues as precum is leaking out the end of his huge uncut dick and you know he is close to shooting a big load of hot twink cum. What a beautiful young boy hottie he is. Who’s up for looking after Jerome Exupery whilst I head out?



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Prison bitch boy Travis Stevens sucks Roman Todd’s big fat cock before getting his tight asshole fucked

Men-com-horny-nude-dudes-Travis-Stevens-Roman-Todd-cute-bubble-butt-cheeks-big-fat-cock-ass-fucked-rimming-cocksucking-001-gay-sex-porn-porno-pics-gallery-photo says: Travis Stevens gets thrown behind bars and his cellmate, Roman Todd, lays out the options very clearly for his cute ass.

After hearing what could be in store for him the next day, Travis agrees to be Roman’s personal prison bitch in exchange for some looking after.

Travis shows just what a good little bitch he is by wrapping his perfect lips around Roman’s fat cock and then getting his sweet ass drilled.



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